Bookmaker Ceases odds that are taking Qatar World Cup Likelihood

Bookmaker Ceases odds that are taking Qatar World Cup Likelihood

With increasing pressure mounting, Qatar’s chance of hosting the 2022 World Cup is in doubt with bookmakers, anyway.

When Qatar won the right to host the 2022 World Cup, the jokes started almost immediately. There have been allegations of bribery or other misbehavior, and lots of wondered exactly just how the world’s most massive event that is sporting be held in a tiny country with blistering hot climate in the summer. That in change gave increase to the chance of hosting the tournament into the cold temperatures.

Now, with new evidence emerging about possible corruption in the bidding that is FIFA, there is reasonable doubt as to whether Qatar will end up hosting the competition at all.

All of this has caused one major bookmaker to not just change the odds on that will host the tournament, but replace the nature regarding the bets altogether. The Gala Coral Group was taking bets on whether maybe not the tournament would ultimately be played in Qatar, with odds dropping from a height of as 5-1 that FIFA would just take that right away from them. Now, all wagers on that topic are off literally.

‘we have stopped taking bets on whether Qatar will keep the entire world Cup because the latest allegations recommend it looks most likely now,’ said Coral’s John Hill.

United States Most Likely Replacement

In its spot, the bookmaker is allowing bets on what country will host the 2022 World Cup should Qatar have the tou Continue reading “Bookmaker Ceases odds that are taking Qatar World Cup Likelihood”