Pinnacle Sports Stanley Tomchin Avoids Felony Charges

Pinnacle Sports Stanley Tomchin Avoids Felony Charges

Stanley Tomchin had been originally accused of 56 felony charges. (Image:

Stanley Tomchin has some stake in the online bookmaker Pinnacle Sports, but it’s confusing if he’s a primary owner of the site. He was certainly a skilled games player, though it’s difficult to say just how impressive his accomplishments really are. But one thing is for sure: Tomchin won’t be spending any time in jail in the future that is immediate.

Tomchin reached a plea agreement with the Queen’s County District Attorney’s Office in New York, pleading guilty to a misdemeanor fee, but avoiding the 56 felonies he had been charged with back 2012. At the time, Tomchin had been facing charges money that is including, enterprise corruption, and conspiracy.

Tomchin Avoids Jail Time

Those charges could have include extensive jail time. Instead, Tomchin will avoid both prison and supervised probation after ending the full case with just one course B misdemeanor. The cost is conspiracy into the sixth level, the category that is lowest of criminal misdemeanor under brand New York State law.

‘The District Attorney’s Office began this case with an exaggerated press statement that sought to portray Mr. Tomchin as a gangster kingpin,’ said lawyer David Deitch. ‘Their willingness to resolve the way it is with a plea up to a class B misdemeanor suggests that those claims were no more than a smoke and mirrors ade that is fa&ccedil to hide Continue reading “Pinnacle Sports Stanley Tomchin Avoids Felony Charges”